✔ A diverse selection of music suitable for every event and every musical taste.
✔ Different variations of background music and concert programs can be offered.
✔ The duration of the performances can range from 1 piece to 3 hours of music, depending on the needs and the event.



“Respect” solo program with pieces by great composers such as Beethoven, Liszt and Mussorgsky, arranged in jazz style.

“ImPuls” solo program with a variety of jazz standards and own compositions.

“Child’s Play” solo program featuring German children’s songs in jazz arrangements.

“Jazz Standards & Just Standards” A solo program with popular jazz standards as well as modern arrangements of pop and rock songs.

“Christmas & Jazz” solo program featuring Christmas and New Year songs from all over the world in jazz arrangements.

“BACHiana” solo program featuring music by Johann Sebastian Bach in modern jazz arrangements.

“Baroque. Jazz” solo program that presents baroque music in a jazzy guise.

George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” solo version of this piece.


Background and Entertainment Music

“Pop, Rock, World Music” solo program that includes a wide range of popular hits from the 1970s to today.

“Soft Classical” solo program presenting popular classical music pieces.

“Soft Jazz” solo program with Jazz Standards music pieces.

*Additional: Any melody you suggest can be performed in my individual arrangement and in any style you wish.



• Employed pianist at the Dorint am Goethepark Weimar (2009-2014)
• NEUE LISZT STIFTUNG of the Deutsche Bank AG
• Westin Grand Frankfurt Restaurant “Motions”
• “Scala” Restaurant, Jena
• Mercedes-Benz . . .

Solo Concerts

2023 Solo concert “Baroque.Jazz” in the Heuboden, Heublos (Hessen)
2021 Solo concert “BACHiana ” in the “Alte Schule Rheingau”, Geisenheim
2018 Live in Concert, Wiesbaden Casino Society, Wiesbaden
2017 Solo concert in the “Rokokosaal im Hohhaus”, Lauterbach (Hessen)
2016 Solo concert at the “C. Bechstein Centrum”, Frankfurt am Main
2015 Solo concert at “Piano Porth”, Wiesbaden
2015 Solo concert at “Pianohaus Wedell”, Wiesbaden
2015 Solo concert “Impuls”, Lauterbach (Hessen)
2015 Solo concert “Present” at the Marie Seebach Foundation, Weimar
2013 Solo concert “Classic goes Jazz”, Dresden
2012 Solo concert “From classical music to jazz”, Lauterbach (Hessen)
2011 Night concert “Franz Liszt – A European in Thuringia” at the L’n’B-Jazz Night, Weimar
2011 Solo concert “Pro Arte” at the Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, Spain